I wanted to give you some extra information on what you might need for supply's and some things I would recommend.   I have also added information on some vets at the bottom that have been recommended in different areas.  I hope this helps you be more prepared when you are getting ready for you new puppy.  Please remember that when you take home a new puppy it is like having a toddler in the house without a diaper on, be patient.  When taking your puppy anywhere, vets. or stores, never put them on the ground until they have at least had 2 sets of shots.


Fence:    X-pen, 30 in. to possibly 36 in. high as some puppies can be climbers, get the one with a gate in it so you can get in and out easily.  You do not want to trip when getting to your puppy. 

Piddle Pads:   Cloth ones you can get from e-bay for inexpensive so they can be thrown in the washer and not out in the landfill.  Check ebay under “Whelping supplies”.  Or you can check www.lennypads.com for some very nice reasonably priced pads.

My puppies learn to go on astro turf so if you have an area that you can put one close to the house or on a deck under a covered area they work great for training purposes.  

Crate:   For every day – 17” to 18” wide X 24" wire crate, or full size dog crate is approx. 16X16X22 or 24 if plastic

Next size smaller plastic crate for travel – one that can be secured with a seat belt.  When picking up your new puppy bring a towel from home in case the puppy gets sick on the way home that way it's easy to wash and maybe paper towels for any messes or clean up.                     

Food – (I have used Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch, Blue Buffalo or Natural Balance Fish & Sweet Potato or Duck & Potato) but please get whatever you breeder uses.  Feeding cooked, a raw or a modified raw diet is usually the best for your puppy to learn to eat.

Collar:     My favorite leash is a Martingale and you can order one from; http://www.allhoundsapparel.com/,  it is both a collar and a leash in one.  If you want to use a harness type then I recommend going to your closest pet store and picking up one that will fit at their correct size.  Please remember to not put your puppy on the floor but leave in a basket as they have probably only had one set of shots. 

Cloth or rolled leather.  Never leave collar on dog at home, because it causes mats.  I highly recommend a microchip as that is the best way to identify your new pet.   

For training/obedience – rolled nylon with loose ring.  Never a choke or prong collar. 

Leash:   6’ lightweight leach, no flexi-leads, they should always be under your control and not allowed to sniff everything around them without your permission.  Always be gentle and encouraging plus use treats in the beginning to help keep them concentrated on you. 

Pooper Scooper:   With forked tines for grass/lawn, I use the flat one for concrete and rocks.  I use a small bucket lined with a garbage bag where the puppy can't get to it and that way you can throw it away each week.  You should also have a bucket with bleach in it to soak the scooper in when it is dirty, but should always be like the other bucket and where the puppy can not get in it accidently.

Gates for doorways:   The kind that can be opened or easily stepped over.  Target and Wal-mart have baby gates at a reasonable price, or “Once Upon a Child”, previously kid tested places or Craig's list.

2 dishes for food/water:  Untippable, metal OR if feeding in a crate, hanging stainless steel.  I use glass Lixit bottles for all my dogs water but it is hard to find free standing holders.  I found some very nice ones at a reasonable price when at a dog show so please check them out, http://www.thehomething.com/site/.   You can also try, http://www.mrfooshihtzu.com/WaterBottleStands.html, or for a more decorative look, http://www.pawscreations.com/.

Doggie pillow/pad/bed:  Washable, no foam inside, they chew it up and it doesn't pass easily and can lead to a vet visit and surgery.

Carpet cleaner:  (Resolve and OdoBan for deodorizing) 


Shampoo & Conditioner - Gentle/Moisturizing (can us Pantene Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner, any good moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner).  There are several really good dog shampoo's on the market that you can find at a dog show or over the internet, http://www.naturesspecialtiesmfg.com/, http://purepaws.net/new%20purepaws/home2.htm, these are just a couple of good shampoo's that I use.

Dental kit:  Containing dog toothbrush or a child's soft toothbrush and paste or gel, a finger brush works easiest at first.  I use a product called PetzLife (Oral Care Gel with Wild Salmon Oil) on a tooth brush which helps keep the plaque off of teeth.  No matter what, you need to use something to make sure their teeth stay clean and will help keep them healthier.  Gum disease can lead to health issues down the road, start them early so they get use to it.

Nail clipper:  I use a drumel you can get at Wal-mart for around $20.00, I use the battery operated one on low when they are puppies and high as they get older.

Blood stop/Septic powder

Combs:  Greyhound comb (metal comb with medium teeth, 1/2 wider than other 1/2)(Fine/Medium), http://greyhoundcomb.com/cart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=20

Brush:  Pin brush with medium tines and soft tips, http://www.chrissystems.com/grooming-tools/brushes-/pet-grooming-show-dog-and-cat-pin-brushes.aspx,

Flea treatment:  I much prefer holistic over anything with poison in it so you might give, http://www.drharveys.com/products/show/54-herbal-protection-spray, a try.


Rope toys, soft stuffed toys, soft pull toys, small tennis balls, toss and fetch toys, canvas toys, toys with squeak’s.

Local Regular & Holistic Vets:

Meridian Veterinary Care, www.meridianvetcare.com, Angie Stamm, DVM, CVA. (Fair Oaks, CA)  Mobile Vet Connection, Inc., www.drjyl.com, Dr. Jyl Rubin, DVM. (Orangevale, CA)  www.holistic-animal-care.com, Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, Avri Brickson, (Citrus Heights, CA), Stephanie Chalmers, DVM, DACVD. (Santa Rosa, CA)  www.robertwoodsdvm.com, Robert E. Woods, DVM, CVA Hemopet. (Garden Grove, CA)   I will add more as I get information from happy customers.  Please always check into alternatives to traditional vets when you can.


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