Retired or Older Dogs looking for new homes

We occasionally have older dogs for sale to homes, be it an older puppy that was saved to be a show dog but did not make it because of a bite issue or something else.  We also have retired dogs that were used in our breeding program, these are wonderful adults who deserve to have loving homes where they get individual attention.  The retired dogs have had their health testing done and only need to have their CERF's done each year.  As we move to keep improving our breeding program we continue to breed the best we can to the breed standard.  We can only keep so many dogs in our home and our dogs do deserve to not always be in a pack.  They get a lot of attention here but also deserve lots of individual attention.  You will have to check with me on individual prices.  All my dogs are micro chipped.

If you are looking for an older dog you might try Heather in Nevada, her website is



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